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Archive is on its way

We are excited to announce that very soon many of Denis Kelly’s paintings will be on show in the new archive section of this site (named ‘Kelly’s Archive’), we just need a few more photos of paintings sent in. So if you own a painting of which was painted by Denis please check out the contact page to find out how to get it featured on the site!
                Thank you Jake Northern


Welcome to Denis Kelly’s website where you can view or purchase some of his amazing work.

Please feel free to comment or contact Dennis and Me from the contact page is you have any problem or queries.


Original painting for sale *SOLD*

I have a painting of Baldock in Hertfordshire on Hitchin street, looking towards Hitchin. Drawn in 1972.

Second stage:Indian ink drawing with a colour wash on the buildings.
Drawn on site- painted at home.

It painting belongs to Nigel and Sally Parker who just came back from South Africa who kept all but this one as it was to big for the walls in their new house. Painting size approx 26.5 x 17.1 inches. Including frame 32.5 x 22.5 inch
The original is for sale(the one in the photo below).

20130902-070309 pm.jpg

20130902-070332 pm.jpg

Castle Combe, Wilts


Mill House, Radwell Herts

Durham Cathedral & Bridge

Pen and Ink Drawing of Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral & Bridge

Norwich Cathedral

Pen and Ink of Norwich Cathedral, Drawn by Denis in 1932 at the aged of 9.


Norwich Cathedral

Cockington Ford, Devon

Pen and Ink, Drawn 1936 (aged 13)

Cockington Ford, Devon



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